• Recipe Garlic Flavored Spare Ribs with Sriracha Mayo

Garlic Flavored Spare Ribs with Sriracha Mayo

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How to make it

Cut ribs into 2.5” pieces and set aside.
Blend garlic, cilantro, and water till smooth. Combine with flour, custard powder, Chicken Bouillon Powder, and sugar. Marinate ribs in this mixture overnight.
In a big bowl mix Sriracha Mayo with onion, pickled cucumber, parsley, and about ⅛ cup warm water to create a kind of Sriracha Mayo juice. Set aside.
Remove ribs from marinade and deep-fry in hot oil (about 375ºF) till cooked fully and golden brown.
Drain oil from ribs and coat evenly with Sriracha Mayo mixture. Ready to serve.